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Skirting Board Bayser


Welcome to the website of the manufacturer of PVC products in Moldova Serkan-Plast SRL

Our products can be described as follows:

Plastic skirting board with cable channel and flexible edge, plastic panels (wall paneling), siding (panels for facades), plastic dowel for the installation of thermal insulation (Styrofoam or mineral wadding).

In 2013, Serkan-Plast starts the following product groups:

Perforated plastic corner for scarps, arched plastic corner, floor sills, Universal plastic corner, in white and wood texture color, PVC window sills.

Plastic skirting board with cable channel and flexible edge production;

Own production of plastic skirting board Bayser with height of 60 mm and accessories, with suitable texture the same color as the skirting board, made on high-quality modern equipment, modern European design, and constantly updated range of colors. The production uses only pure, primary raw material, without harmful additives.

At the same time, taking care of our partners, we are only adding new colors to the collection without removing from the production outdated and not so popular textures. Thus, our customers who purchased, even a few years ago, a batch of a skirting board of a certain color, any time may purchase necessary quantity of plastic skirting board, or accessories. This achieves another important argument in favor of cooperation with Serkan-Plast - we always have in stock any shade of skirting board which is presented in our catalogs, and our partners have no longer such a problem as accumulation of unnecessary or not so sought of accessories for skirting board.

We are working with wholesale customers, so if you want to buy a plastic skirting board at retail price, please contact the mortar stores in your city (village), you are sure to find our products at a good price, not higher than the retail price of our stock in Kishinev.

PVC panels (wall paneling) production;

Serkan-Plast produces PVC panels in Moldova on modern equipment, using advanced technology. Our produced plastic panels are remarkable with high quality, aesthetics and increasing service life.

We produce wall panels in white and applying textures, with the working surface 125 mm width (plastic panels 6 meters long, in white and wood texture) and 250 mm (plastic panel 6 meters long, in white with a texture simulating various surfaces).

We are working directly with wholesale customers throughout the Republic, so getting our products at retail price anywhere in Moldova, you can be sure that the price is the same or lower than at our storage.

PVC siding (panels for facades) production;

Plastic panels for facades with a working surface width of 250 mm. And the length is 6 meters. Why it should be 6 meters long? For example, if the house wall width is 12 meters, for the installation of our panels you need only one connecting element. Now calculate how much connecting elements you will need for mounting panels with a length of 4 meters.

Our produced siding has a thickness of 18 mm, and airbags, which provide passive (till 10%) insulation.

In composition of the raw material from which siding is made of, are added special supplements resistant to UV rays. This ensures color loss of panels on bright sun just 4 percent in 2 years.

Plastic dowel for thermal insulation installation (Styrofoam or mineral wadding) production;

Our company has developed a special design that reduces the work time with our dowel to about 30 percent in comparison with traditional dowel.

This is achieved by the absence of the inner spacer core. More information about the characteristics of the dowel can be found in the "Accessories" section of our website.

The perforated plastic corner for splays production;

The perforated plastic corner is done for leveling slopes using different mixtures. The plastic corner unlike metallic one does not oxidize upon contact with humidity. Therefore, on the slopes does not appear yellow rusty spots, as often happens when using a metallic corner.

We produce corner in two sizes - 2.5 meters and 3.0 meters.

The arched perforated plastic corner production;

Small plastic arched corner is similar to the plastic corner for leveling slopes with only one difference - one of its margins has a special perforation, which allows it to be bent during assembly under a different radius, outside or inside.

Floor sills production;

Now we produce floor sills to mask transitions between tile and laminate, to mask gaps between different colors of floor covering.

Universal decorative plastic corner in white and wood textured production;

Started production of universal plastic corners for painted walls or wallpapered. Thanks to the soft corner of a strip between the edges may be mounted internal, external, acute or obtuse angles of the walls.

The angle can be white and with the application of different kinds of wood texture.

PVC plastic sills for PVC windows production;

Our company started the production of plastic window sills in Moldova.


Serkan-Plast products are made on quality equipment from ecological materials; meets the standards, which is confirmed by all necessary certificates.

For wholesale customers, Serkan-Plast is a reliable partner.

We convert opportunities into advantages. Cooperating with us you will be able to give you clear advantages and benefits of such cooperation:

With us you become a distributor of unique products;

Our price offer is one of the best;

Your customers will be satisfied and, therefore, you are;

You will receive a competitive advantage over many of its competitors;


We will assist you in the development and planning of your promoting campaigns. We will provide you with quality stands for displaying products and accessories, brochures and catalogs.