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Wall panel

Our company is a manufacturer of plastic panels, which means  that we offer the best wholesale price, not only in Chisinau, but also on entire  territory of the Republic of Moldova.


Plastic panels - PVC


Plastic panel - a relatively new material that is used in  the inner and rarer in outer wall decoration.

It is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) by extrusion. Main  sizes:

The thickness of the plastic panels of our production is 7 mm.

The standard length of plastic panels of our production: panels (working surface of 12.5 cm) - 6 m long; wide panel (working surface of 20 to 30 cm) - 6 m, Chinese panels - have 5.95 m length, 5 centimeters shorter.


The width of the plastic linings:


The plastic linings

The width of 12.5 cm – regular panels, wide lock (Europeans), the panel has a dubble profile.

Plastic panel is produced mainly in white color, but in view  of current trends, our company started the production of textured panels. Also we  produce lacquered wall paneling and longitudinal stripes, stylized chrome, gold, etc.

The main difference between the plastic lining and panel is  the absence of joint for the connection. With proper installation of plastic  panels the seam between the panels is invisible, nor visually not by touch. The  width of the plastic panel can be from 20 cm to 30 cm. In fact, the most common  plastic panel width is 25 cm.

However, the common people call plastic linings and plastic  panels - wall panels, or plastic panels, also can be met the term - laminated  paneling.


By colors plastic panel is divided into several types depending  of the method of applying the color coating. White matte panel – linings with  no color coating. Lacquered - panel dealt a layer of varnish to give luster, mostly  to white color. Printed way – the roller with the image leaves pattern on PVC  panels, such as commercial printing. Thermal way of printing – on PVC panel a drawing dealt using thermal tape. The method when using a hot foil shaft and  the color image is transferred onto a plastic panel.

The "Serkan-Plast" SRL company produces plastic  linings and plastic panels on the territory of the Republic of Moldova for more  than 10 years, and has a vast experience in this domain. We are always  exploring Moldovian market and our wall paneling collections is constantly  updated. One of the main activity for us - is the large and medium wholesale of  plastic panels and lining on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. In our  office in mun. Chisinau (Kishinev), you can meet the entire range of plastic  panels and linings. Plastic linings can be purchased at retail price from our  regional representatives.