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PVC Windowsill




In modern world it is impossible to imagine a interior without plastic window in it, and therefore without plastic window sills. This product, due to the high quality and wide variety of colors, fits to any décor: residential apartments, offices, hotels, medical and educational institutions. Plastic windowsills can be easily used to the construction of new buildings and the repair of the premises.

Windowsill prevents the penetration of cold from outside into the room and vice versa, leak of heat from inside. It makes bend currents convection of warm air rising up, and increases the thickness of the warm air layer near the window and the adjacent portion of the wall. Water condensate drips on the windowsill surface, if it is formed on the glass. This structural element greatly facilitates the process of windows maintenance (while cleaning windows, opening and closing of transoms and vents, hanging of curtains, and so on.).

Windowsill hides the difference between the thickness of the wall and window box, organize the transition from the inner space of the room to the outside world. That why to that seemingly modest part are always so careful architects and designers. Finally, windowsill serves also as a functional decoration of the house - you can set the flower pots, souvenirs and other nice and useful stuff.


The production of Bayser PVC windowsills - a separate high-tech process, including the availability of modern equipment, highly qualified staff to ensure stable operation of the high-tech equipment, the use of only environmentally friendly raw materials. In the production of plastic window sills, our company uses raw materials from leading manufacturers.


Features of windowsills.

Durable, moisture-proof,hard inflamable, made of 100% first class rigid PVC.

The rigidity of the structure - a design stiffeners gives it extreme durability.

Resistance to scratches and stains The upper surface of the windowsill is covered with a special thermal adhesive pellincle, making it resistant to scratches and spots.

Color maintenance. Windowsills retains perfectly their color over time under the action of ultraviolet rays.

Easy care. Windowsills doesn’t require additional painting or varnishing nor special care.